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Looking for the perfect way to explore your kink? We design and build classy (some would say "cozy") dungeons, studios and adult play rooms! As can be expected in a "model" dungeon, there are available dominatrices, lady apprentices and as with any good dungeon; an array of specially designed "furniture" and implements all designed to enhance your experience. All our dungeons are kept very clean and inviting to guests and all service providers operate in an environment of learning. In this way we can assure an uplifting, consistently high-quality, safe experience every time. Each amazing interactive session is held in a very private, cared for outfitted facility where independent providers of BDSM shows/sessions listed here are each self-represented and are free to write their own profiles, ideas and express themselves, as this is the best way to illustrate individual style. Most of us lean towards the lighter, sensual erotic side of domination, such as: foot worship, sensual bondage, role-play, tease & deny, sissification/x-dress, mild discipline, sensory deprivation, puppy/pony play, humiliation, mild corporal, psychologial games, cuckold...etc., with great attention to detail and your specific fetish/fantasy and/or adult play ideas. Call, Email or text the provider of your choice to find out how you can start experiencing one of life's finer adult pleasures. Visit the "How to" page HERE to find out how to get your very own private encounter.
Ever thought it would be hot to have your very own dungeon or theme room? or perhaps a sensual erotic play area in your basement?
Hot sexy BDSM is here to stay and more and more couples are looking to explore or refine this exotic way to spice up their love lives.
Power and control games, role reversal, even cross-dress, mild corporal and bondage are all within reach when the mood arises, either at one of our studios or even closer at your own! 
From the paint on the walls to the bolts holding the D-rings in the bed frame, you will be able to explore yours and your partner's fantasies in style.
We recommend getting a consultation in the form of a "couples" session or individual sessions with one of the experienced performers listed HERE to get some experience that will help you to plan the construction of your own space. This is the best way to determine what your fantasies are and thereby customize the design of your own home or professional play area.
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